City Breaks in Stockholm

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Are you planning a trip to Stockholm? If so, then you are in the right place because we are going to show you in this article how to have a fantastic time in this vibrant city. In order to have an excellent city break, it is essential to be very well organized and visit as much as you can, even if you are traveling only for a few days. Here is what we suggest you do so that you have an amazing time.

Watch The Sunset from The Monteliusvagen Cliff Path

This is something that must not be missed if you are in this beautiful city, especially if you are with your partner. Therefore, make sure you wake up very early in the morning and you go to the Monteliusvagen cliff path. The view sweeping over the Lake Malaren is absolutely gorgeous. This scenic trail offers a great panorama of the Swedish capital.

Visit the Oldest Stockholm’s Square

You cannot go to this place without having a hot Swedish chocolate, which is absolutely delicious. Furthermore, you should also try the traditional Swedish cinnamon rolls. You will certainly love them, as they are very tasty. Here, you can also do some shopping, and have a delicious lunch as there are plenty of restaurants and shops to choose from.

Catch a Ferry to Djurgarden

In another day, we suggest you go to the city’s greenest island, called Djurgarden, which is extremely beautiful. There are also a few museums to visit, in order to learn more about this place’s history. Catch a ferry in order to get to this place and you will see that you will not regret it.

Try a Meatballs Restaurant

Do you want to eat like a Swedish person? If so, then you must try a meatballs restaurant. This is a traditional dish, which tastes amazing. As an advice, make sure you avoid the tourist traps in the Old Town. Furthermore, you need to book a table with at least a week before you arrive, as most of these restaurants are very busy most of the times.

Go for a Sauna

Saunas are very busy in Stockholm and you must go to one of these places at least for seeing how they look. They are very different than they are in other countries. For example, the Hellasgarden’s lakeside sauna is a very beautiful recreation area inside the Nacka nature reserve. There are two separate saunas, one for men and another one for women. Outside there is a jetty from which you can actually jump and swim into the waters of Lake Kalltorp, in order to cool off. It is recommended to do so, in order to improve your health. If you want to relax on your trip and not only visit attractions, then we strongly recommend you to try this sauna. After a day spent in this place you will feel like a newborn baby and you will go back home with your batteries recharged. Therefore, confidently go for it.




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